Berlin Independent Office for Complaints

Die Berliner unabhängige Beschwerdestelle

Hier ist das Logo der Berliner unabhängigen Beschwerstelle zu sehne

Welcome to the future website of the Berlin Independent Office for Complaints
(BuBs; Berliner unabhängige Beschwerdestelle)

The goal of this project is to improve the conditions for refugees living in Berlin reception centers (AE and GU).

Through our office, confidential persons are ready to help and empower refugees to formulate complaints in their language and forward these to the Landesamt für Flüchtlingsangelegenheiten (LAF; State Office for Refugee Affairs). In the future, we will offer consultation hours in the office for complaints and in the accommodations.

The following people can contact us:

  • Residents of Reception Centers (AE) and Shared Accommodations (GU) operated on behalf of the LAF (all center residents can contact us, regardless of their residency status and weather receiving benefits from LAF or Jobcenter – if the LAF is not responsible for the center, only advice or a referral is possible);
  • Individuals receiving LAF benefits (regardless of housing);
  • Employees of providers and security firms working in AE / GU;
  • Volunteer helpers;
  • Neighbors of AE / GU if the complaint is about accommodation-related facts (we are not able to assist with complaints about political decisions – such as site planning, the acceptance of federal and state asylum seekers, the type and scope of benefits, or similar issues);
  • Refugees whose complaint is the responsibility of another state or federal agency (in this case, only advice or a referral is possible);
  • Residents, inhabitants, and employees of future shelters from the Gesamtstädtische Steuerung der Unterbringung von Wohnungslosen (GStU; General Urban Management of the Accommodation of Homeless People) in which a pilot complaint office is being established.
Das Team der Berliner unabhängigen Beschwerdestelle
The current team of the independent complaints office. More colleagues will soon be recruited.

Due to the Corona situation, the complaints office can currently only be contacted by phone, e-mail or video call. An appointment can then be made for a meeting at our offices in Donaustraße to discuss the complaint in details. We do not share any personal information with the authorities without your permission.

We only pass on anonymous complaints directly to the authorities.

Contact the complaints office

We will call you.
We will contact you via messenger.

Contact by phone:

We are available Monday to Friday from 09:00 – 17:00.

Arabic, German (woman)+49 1736170827
Arabic, Kurdish, German (man)+49 1736170890
Arabic, Kurdish, German (monday – thursday, man)+49 1736170929
Farsi, Dari, Russian, German (woman)+49 1736170143
Farsi, German (woman)+49 1736170865
Tigrinya, German (man)+49 1736170275
Tigrinya, English, German (woman)+49 1736170136


Berliner unabhängige Beschwerdestelle
Donaustraße 78
12043 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 816901 – 2570
General contact:
Contact for complaints:
Directions: U-Bhf Karl-Marx-Straße or bus Geygerstraße (M41 from Hermannplatz)